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      色谱产品 · Chromatography
      USP对照表 USP control table

      L1:Octadecysilane chemically bonded to porous

      silica or ceramic particles,.3 to 10 micron in diameter.


      Purospher STAR RP一18

      Purospher RP一18

      Chromolith RP一18

      Lichrospher RP一18

      Lichrosorb RP一18

      SuperSpher RP一18

      L3:Porous silica particles 5一10 um in diameter.

      Chromolith Si

      Purospher STAR Si

      Lichrospher Si

      Lichrosorb Si

      L7:Octylsilane,chemically bound to porous silica,3 to

      10 micron in diameter.


      Chromolith RP一8

      Purospher STAR RP一8

      Lichrospher RP一8

      Lichrosorb RP一8

      L8 Aminopropyl silane groups on porous silica,

      5,10 um diameter

      Purospher STAR NH2

      Lichrospher NH2

      L10 Cyano groups bound to porous silica,3一10um diameter

      Lichrospher CN

      Lichrosorb CN

      L20 Dihydroxypropane groups chemically bound to silica,5,10 um diameter.


      Lichrospher Diol

      L45 Beta cyclodextrin to porous silica particles,5,14um

      in diameter


      Chira Dex